Purpose of the Movement

Cross Border Jurists

Purpose of the Movement

At the Foundation of the movement lies the self-devotion, determination and sense of responsibility of individuals that are the targets and witnesses of the suppression that is taking place in the Republic of Turkey. The suppression to individuals of various races, beliefs, ideologies and religions has been inherited, has never ended and has even become more visible in the late years. This suppression has even become institutionalized with the help of the legislative and executive organs of the Turkish government after July 15th 2016.

The main goal of the movement is to support and help develop the fundamental rights that are globally accepted, in all countries and societies, starting this duty with their country of origin, Turkey.

Its essential for the institutions in Turkey and Europe to be informed on the issues that are direct or indirect threats to either people’s lives, liberties or civil rights, so there can be action taken and the suffering would be minimized.

There are many individuals and institutions that are working on this very issue. There are also many achievements with the hard work of legal experts but it is the sad truth that these achievements are not noticed because of the lack of organization. The personal efforts for change are just not enough.

It is a moral obligation for the legal experts to get together under an umbrella organization and work together towards the same goal since there is so many individuals and institutions that can be reached out to for support.

The main activity is to announce, document and diminish any kind of unjust treatment using written, spoken and visual tools regardless of the identity of the individual that is suffering. Being sure that these tools will be used in on the national and international level.